Motivation for Selling

  • Learn how determining your main motivation(s) for selling can help keep you on track to sell your home.

Best time to sell in your area

  • Learn what to consider when determining the best time to sell in your area.

Commit to a representation strategy

  • It is important to commit to a representation strategy: learn why and what strategy suites you best.

Complete home improvements/repairs

  • Learn what repairs are necessary to receive a clear appraisal and what improvements give you the most bang for your buck.

Price your home competitively

  • Learn the best way to review comps in your area in order to competitively price your home for the current market.

Open Escrow

  • Learn about your escrow process and the tasks that escrow is expected to perform

Market your listing

  • Learn the most affective ways to list your home and advertise your listing.

Accept an offer

  • Learn the most important aspect of an offer to look for when accepting an offer.

What the buyers loan process will be like

  • Avoid feeling out of the loop during your sales process by learning what the buyers loan process will entail.

3 things most likely to terminate your purchase agreement

  • Learn what things are most likely to terminate your purchase agreement.

Move out

  • Learn what things to consider when preparing to move out that are often overlooked.

Fulfill closing obligations

  • Learn what post closing obligations you may be required to fulfill.